World Book Kids

November 15, 2010

World Book Kids is a wonderful learning website especially created for children and early learning. Simple, fun and engaging, children can spend hours investigating topics that catch their interest with photos, multimedia, and easy-to-read articles. They will not even know they are learning while browsing maps and flags, playing the over 200 educational games and activities, or finding a science project that is just right for their learning level. Of course, there are resources for instructors as well. This interactive learning website is great for adults and children to join together in a delightful educational experience, finding fun facts about animals, people, places and much more!

World Book proudly presents “World of Animals.” This digital learning center focusing on the animal kingdom has animal exhibits with colorful pictures, notable facts and audio/visual clips. This site also does animal comparison where two animals can be held up for side by side evaluation. Contrasting is an important learning skill.

For biographical information, the young student can choose the “Important People” page. Here is found a search of several thousand easy-to-read articles. These may be chosen by category like occupation or country heritage, a typed in name, or from the World Book list of possibilities. Of course, each article is accompanied by multi-media clips, fantastic photos, charts, etc.

Want to go places? World Book Kids has maps and so much more! Whenever places are mentioned in articles, links may be found amazing maps that are fully interactive and definitely zoom-able. The atlas is extensive and many countries offer more than one kind of map highlighting things such as population or economy. Want to study flags and important information about certain countries? There is a collection of outlined maps and flags, and a terrific page called, “Compare Places.”

Above all, World Book has developed a site that will encourage children to be curious and have fun while they learn. Young children should have an adult nearby to get excited with them about what they find, but the pages are completely easy to understand and navigate. Games that are highly entertaining are also exceptionally educational. Go ahead and play along with your young learners. There are many helpful materials instructors can use with their curriculum, too. And anyone who sees the brightly illustrated first page will have to explore the different options offered there. Yes, World Book Kids is an outstanding digital library.

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